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Newsletter 14

Happy New Year 2018! 

The Colombo team wishes you all the best in the coming year!


2017 marked the 30th anniversary of the estate, the development and enlargement of our winery and new cellar in Cornas, new plantings at the Domaine de Lorient in St Péray and also on the Côte Bleue near Marseille and the arrival of a third generation of the Colombo family!(Lilli)

2018 will be highlighted by the colors of Provence, with the construction of a winemaking facility in the Côte Bleue, in Sausset Les Pins, the planting of new parcels in the Côte Bleue of Clairette, and the organic certification of our most beautiful wines from key vintages of Cornas and St Peray !!


Chef in the spotlight 

A very great man has left us!

Paul Bocuse passed away on January 20, close to the dawn of his 92 years. He was one of the greatest chefs in the world, the ambassador of French cuisine and a friend of the Colombo family. Since his early years, Jean-Luc had given him boundless admiration. One day in 1988, JLC presented his first vintage of Cornas Les Ruchets at the Auberge de Collonges (Mr. Paul's fine restaurant in Lyon) and it is only natural that Paul welcomed Jean-Luc and his wines on spinach kidneys! From there, an unconditional friendship was born between these two men. GoodBye Mr. Paul, no words will be strong enough to express our gratitude for your friendship over the past 30 years!


When you are going to Paul Bocuse's restaurant in Collonges au Mont d'Or, we advise you to try this surprising pairing :

The crusted seabass with Choron sauce and our Clairette wine of Les Anthénors! Ask the advice of the sommelier Jack Rouget.




Back to the event that should not have been missed!

Les Automnales of Colombo, sponsored by Paul Bocuse took place last November in Cornas. We celebrated during les Automnales with American colors ( as the focus was on the USA with Sommeliers competing between the USA and France)

Also during LES AUTOMNALES we celebrated the 30 years of producing Cornas from Domaine Colombo! Please rediscover this event in these pictures of the highlights to the daily events!


The 2017 vintage has been vinified in our new winery in Cornas.


We are pleased to announce starting in the fall of 2017; the first vinification of Ruchets in concrete vats, the fermentation in barrels of our whites in our specific winery at optimum temperature, the aging of the different vintages of our red wines grouped together in a single and even cellar temperature and the proximity of the Oenological Center of Côtes du Rhône for precise analytical detail in a most natural way!



Shredding of the shoots.

In order to return to the ground the greater part of what the vine produces, we have decided to give it back one of its most important raw materials: its branches.

For more than 15 years we have been equipped with a hammer mill to reduce shoots to small pieces in order to redistribute back into select vineyards. But since most of our plots are hand-worked, today we also have an on-board crusher in which we can introduce the vines and give them back to the whole plot via a small cannon.

Organic Certification

This year we will market our first officially certified organic production.

Jean-Luc, Anne and Laure live in the heart of their vineyard and have always made it a point of honor to cultivate their vines in the greatest respect for nature while preserving biodiversity.

When Laure joined the field, she worked for the recognition of this approach. Since 2011, we are involved with the ECOCERT certifying body to practice organic farming. This year we will be bottling our first officially certified organic vintages.





Back to the beginning!

Near in the mythical parcelle of land called Les Anthenors, in the heart of the coastal land of the Côte Bleue, close to Marseille, between scrubland, cypress and olive trees, we are constructing a cellar and a winery for our wines of Provence. A large fireplace is also planned so that Jean-Luc can grill his fish with his friends!

Olive Oil :  After Cornas and the Blue Coast, here is KEFALO.


We produce Olive oil from Corfou on the family estate of Dimitri Roulleau-Gallais (companion of Laure). Olive fruit of ancient Greek varieties, entirely harvested by hand and pressed on the spot each evening in a small mill to preserve all their freshness. A light yellow color with green highlights. A fruity taste with notes of artichokes and spices. In the end a product that is very lively, and delicious that one should taste without waiting!



Come find us :

In Germany at Prowein, from March 18th to 20th in Dusseldorf - Hall 12 / Stand C03 (Grand Cru Select)

In Paris at the Sommeliers Dating Monday, May 14, 2018 at the Cercle National des Armées.

In England forthe London Wine Fair May 21-23, 2018- Stand D40 (Hatch Mansfield)

All year long, we welcome you to Cornas from Monday to Saturday.

Also please enjoy your visit to discover the vineyards of St Péray and stay in the rooms at Domaine de Lorient

(Proprietor: Laure Colombo)

Reservations at: and



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Fruit of common passions and values, the Cornas des Toqués d'Ardèche 2013 testifies to the work of these men and women who love their land and its products. Assembly of the 2015 with the toques planned on 1 February 2017 in Cornas as well as a new vintage IGP Ardèche produced


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